Augustyn writes & edits
indie-comics hit for TRU Studios.
Black Condor, Firebrand,
and The Ray get facelifts.
Augustyn edits Flash for DC Comics!
Manga meets superheroes!
DC Comics launches
first Elseworlds title.
Crimson and Out There carve out new commercial niche.

Brian’s been in training since childhood to work for truth, justice, and the American dream.

With his chameleon-like powers to meld in mind and spirit with writers and artists, Brian strives to help each collaborative project achieve a unified vision.

Also, he remembers phone numbers, which makes him the envy of family and friends.


Brian disguises his powerful public persona within the suburban façade of a traditional suburban family man; with a wife—Nadine’s put up with being a comic book widow for twenty-four years—two lovely teen-age daughters, a couple of dogs, and a mini-van. On second thought, let’s keep that mini-van thing a secret.

Brian denies that he’s the bird in our logo, but can you see the resemblance?

Meet the other Leaders of The Pack.

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Gotham By Gaslight, Batman: Master of the Future, Firebrand, Flash, Impulse, Black Condor © DC Comics

Crimson © Humberto Ramos, Francisco Haghenbeck & Oscar Pinto

Out There © Humberto Ramos

Trollords © Scott Beaderstadt & Paul Fricke
The Pack logo art:
John Keane.

The Pack logo
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Dean Motter.

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Brian brings a top-to-bottom
craft of comics to The Pack, with
an instinct for a good story, and
an eye for recognizing good art
and talented artists.

His range of vision to work outside
and inside the traditional comics and graphic novel publishing sandboxes gives him the requisite tools to meet each unique project’s editorial goals.


Brian has an extensive background of working on staff and as a freelancer for small-to-large comics publishers.

A Chicago native, he moved from TRU Studios as writer, editor, marketing maven, and co-publisher, to First Comics, then Now Comics, where he gave then-newcomer Alex Ross some of his earliest comics assignments.

Brian spent a decade as an editor at DC Comics, editing and writing for some of the most famous comics creations in the world, including: Batman, Flash, Justice League of America, and Wonder Woman.

During that period and since, as a writer for such publishers as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and Wildstorm, his professional assignments, relationships and friendships have planted him solidly in an unmatched creative community.

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Brian Augustyn
Leader of The Pack
Leader of The Pack